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Promenade Memory

1 usd

"Promenade Memory" is an application that display the location which the photo taken, to enjoy your memories.When you look back at the gallery of photographs taken by standard camera, Do you remember the date and location the picture was taken?If using this app, you can enjoy looking back with a map with photographs.
[New] ver2.0 Added calendar mode! In calendar mode, you can enjoy shooting photos on a daily basis. (By long click the month, you can jump to any date and time)
[Main Features]・tracking your location(You need to enable GPS) ・Pin on the map display and taking place・Photo display can be selected from two species of gallery mode and preview mode・Normal and satellite images can be selected・If you double-tap, to enlarge the map・Displays pictures in the gallery mode or preview mode when tapping the balloons・In the gallery mode can be displayed Exif information of selected photos
* Start-up, load the large photos and multiple photos, will takes a long time. Please note that processing dialog does not show. * Only the photo with location information. * There is no ability to edit Exif.